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Site Updates / DDoS Information

Posted by Fiz

Hi again everybody! We've been busy this past week, so here's the low down on what we've been working on lately:

  • We've increased our scalability through the DB maintenance a few days ago, while also adding more memory to our servers.
  • Shiny new server! 32TB Array and SSD cache. More room for all your art!
  • Added free-form profile fields for contact and social media under your profile settings.
  • Some bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Waxpost, our cross-posting add-on, has been updated to version 0.1.4 to fix some issues.
  • Forums recently received a visual overhaul which includes a Twitter sidebar!

We were also hit recently hit with several DDoS attacks on October 17th which caused the main site, our IRC server, forums and mail server to go down for a short time. The main site was down for around an hour during this time. We got hit again on October 19th which caused only the IRC server and mail server to go down once again. We would like to apologize for the downtime that occurred due to this event. Since then, we have increased our measures to help mitigate DDoS attacks.

That's all for now! Please be sure to follow our Twitter and Dev Twitter, as well as join our forums where you can offer more suggestions and keep up to date with all things Weasyl. We are also currently on the look out for art of our mascot, Wesley the Weasel, to use in our news posts! You can see other great examples of Wesley art on our Tumblr. Remember to tag artwork of him under the "weasyl" and "wesley" tags so we can easily find them!