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Multiple Site Logins + Notes Overhaul!

Posted by Taw

Hello again everyone! We hope you all enjoyed the holiday, your weekend, and have survived Black Friday with some wonderful deals.

Today we'd like to announce the introduction of a couple of very convenient features for our users. Previously users were unable to have multiple sessions at once on multiple devices. If a user logged in to Weasyl on their PC, and then on their phone, their PC session was logged out. Thanks to our techs we now support our users having multiple sessions at once on multiple devices. Now you can enjoy Weasyl on any device you own without having to continually log back in!

The second feature we've added is the ability for our users to filter their inbox and outbox by users. You can now easily find new submissions, collections, and journals from your favorite artists stacked together based on their usernames!

Finally, we've now enabled users to delete private messages from their inbox. Deleting PMs is now as easy as removing submissions, notices, and journals from your notifications!

Also of note, we've enabled daily off-site backups of our site to prevent the loss of your submissions and comments uploaded to our site, as well as fixed our automatic e-mailing system to become instant. No more waiting for invites or confirmation notices!

As always, we thank you for your continued support of Weasyl and encourage you to e-mail if you have any issues with the site or would just like to offer a suggestion. Please follow us on Twitter @Weasyl, Tumblr, or join our forums for more news and updates for the site.

Have a wonderful day!