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Patches and Fixes

Posted by FayV

Hello Weasyl users! We just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has been reporting site bugs and offering suggestions to improve our features. Our coders have been working hard to develop patches, and with the helpful suggestions and comments of our community, Weasyl has once again taken a step towards improving the experience of our users. A few of the fixes and additions include:

-Submissions rated higher than user's maximum viewable rating hid own submissions when viewing gallery

-Followed by and following pages would not list users sequentially correctly

-Profile and comments did not designate site staff

-Folders could not be moved (missing UI integration)

-Commission classes and prices could not be edited in-place (missing UI integration)



To see all of the current patch list please click Here

Keep reporting any bugs you may find, or go to our forums and suggest updates or features you would like to see while using Weasyl! We're happy to see our users involved and to see our site growing so rapidly to include a variety of artists, writers, and musicians.

Please note, if you are someone who donated but never received an invite, be sure to check your spam folder on your email. If you cannot find your invite, email with the email you donated with, and we can resend the invite. Any other problems with invites please email for assistance.

Thanks again for all the assistance and keep those suggestions coming!