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1,000,000 Submissions / Community and Ratings Guideline Changes

Posted by Fiz

1,000,000 submissions! Hey again, Weasyl users. We hope you’ve been well. We know you’ve been busy. We’ve seen it. We have numbers to tell us. On June 8th, the 1,000,000th submission in Weasyl’s history was posted. It’s amazing to be a part of such an active and creative community, and we hope as staff to make the necessary improvements to allow and encourage this growing level of activity. We can’t thank each of you enough.

Ratings and Community Guidelines: In celebration of (or in coincidence with) this milestone, we’ve decided to make a few amendments and additions to our Community and Ratings Guidelines. These mostly serve as clarifications of our original rules, so there is no comprehensive overhaul to be wary of. However, we will summarize points of alteration here. It’d be best to go read these sections to see the exact wording and how it relates to your work.

In the Community Guidelines, we’ve made some clarifications to content ownership, submissions involving use of actual blood, use of ‘Critique Wanted’, admissible audio submissions, and others.

In Ratings Guidelines, the General and Moderate categories have had clarifications made to their sections on Nudity and Violence, and Nudity and Sexual Situations, respectively. The most significant change is to our Nudity criteria, where we’ve moved to a “compositional focus” metric. We’ve also added discussion of lactation and how it should be rated outside of situations of feeding infants.

All changes made to both our ratings and community guidelines can be viewed at the links below, highlighted for your convenience:

We recommend people read these adjustments themselves. We do attempt to keep these guidelines as a compromise among what we can in good will enforce, what the community wants, and what can best delineate grayer areas. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how to make these rules better, please let us know here. We intend to continue revisions to problematic areas, and one of the best ways to know what’s amiss is feedback from all of you. Feel free to discuss the updates on our forum!

Have a good weekend, and thank you all once again!