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Posted by Matt

Hi, Users
We're all pleased to announce
the much awaited overhaul to our thumbnail
system. It's been a long road, and a strong effort for
the last two and a half years, but we feel as though we've
finally hit fertile soil between the layers of format and fashion.
There are many people to thank beside ourselves, but we should
start with ourselves anyway. The most important person is me. Hello.
Hi!!! My name is Matt. I recently bought some eggs and then the rest of
staff decided to take everything way too far. It's sickening how deeply my
trips to Kroger are woven into site design and basic features. It's actually a
little bit offensive. Honestly. I don't even know. Like, I bring up a casual note
about a regular purchase that I had and then suddenly "OMG LOL!!! Matt got
eggs!!! LOL!" I don't get it. I mean, I'm 28 years old. I don't need this. It doesn't
even make a lot of sense. I bought some Dr. Pepper 10, yesterday. Does that
mean we're going to carbonate user galleries? How would that even work???
Can it? Probably not. This site isn't liquid. Not yet anyway. I have plans. Plans
for days. Anyhoo It's also would pointing out that I'm not the only staff member
and everyone else also did something, presumably. I haven't been paying a
whole lot of attention. Wrestlemania was on Sunday and I'm still recovering.
But yeah, good work to the rest of staff. Keep it up. I'd also like to thank our
dev team. Without them there would be no Weasyl. Instead the site would
just be a massive picture of my face. That might be better in a lot of very
important ways, but it's not going to happen, so we're all just going to
have to deal with it, like rational, mature adults somehow. Whatever
Also, I'd like to thank Mr. Bungle for writing the song "Stubb a Dub"
and Horse the Band for writing "Birdo." it mentions eggs a few
times, and that ties in to this announcement because it's all
an egg now. Everything. If you have any questions or
comments, please let us know, but wait a little bit.
It's not that, we don't want to hear from you.
It's just we're all very tired. Thanks,
everyone. Egg.