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Weasyl is Back Online!

Posted by Judicant

We have successfully migrated to our new servers and have fixed several of the reported bugs. All accounts, content, and settings should be intact from before out move, but be sure to let us know if you have any problems.

In the future, we will be applying site patches on Thursday evenings, which will require the site to be offline for a short period of time for maintenance. During these patch times we will be addressing reported bugs and improving site functionality, so please be sure to report any bugs or problems you may have.

The following bugs were fixed during our downtime:

• Thumbnail editing does not auto-select cover artwork

• Collection notifications list false artist

• < does not detect www.\* as a non-relative link

• View text submission does not display Windows quotes, etc correctly

• Too few failed logins trips temporary IP block

• Streams do not automatically expire after set time limit

• Cannot edit cover artwork for existing literary or multimedia submission

User-invites will continue to be disabled temporarily while we monitor the stability of the new servers and continue to work on a couple more bugs. However, if all goes well, we will enable user-invites on the 26th. We will be posting updates if there is any change to the current ETA, thank you for your patience.>