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Literary submission woes

on 9 January 2013 at 20:20:36 MST

So here I finally get on Weasyl. I'm not an artist, but a writer, so naturally the first thing I try is to upload one of my stories. If you've followed me elsewhere it's one you may have already seen.

Now I'm not one to go crazy with story formatting, using all kinds of fonts and fancy alignment and getting all bent out of shape if it won't display a love poem in just the right font. But neither am I satisfied with the limitations of plain, vanilla, ASCII text. I like to do some simple formatting that includes bold and italics, maybe uses a couple of different fonts, has section headers, and so forth. I gone to some effort to get my stories looking good as .rtf files in Wordpad, and didn't have much trouble converting them to .html files where .rtf didn't work. I could also do .doc although I'd prefer not to. Although I have not had need of it to date, the ability to imbed image files into stories is another feature I would like to see supported.

I don't know if Weasyl supports bbcode in story submissions. I wouldn't want to think about having to convert and entire multi-thousand word story from .rtf or .html to bbcode by hand (admittedly, I haven't tried that hard to find out if there are tools that automate the process).

I had hoped to make Weasyl another site where I can upload my writing, but as long as plain ASCII .txt (and possibly bbcode) are the only options, I guess I'll just use this account to watch others whose work I admire, and hope that someday soon Weasyl supports literary submissions in other formats that allow for better formatting.

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