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on 3 August 2015 at 08:21:46 MDT

Transportation type: Driving, I'm a local

Hotel you're staying at: Marriott Tech Center (Con hotel)

Dates: August 6-9, going home Sunday

Rooming with: Neratas (Dragon), Orion (Husky), and maybe Argent (Dino)

Gender: Male

How tall are you: 6'3"

Description (out of suit): Glasses, red hair/beard, I stand out a bit ;)

Fursuit(s): I have a brand new one that will be revealed at RMFC! Look at the pics of my ref sheets to get an idea of how it'll look.

Relationship Status: Mated

Who will you be with a majority of the time: Have a pretty good group of friends, I'll be bouncing around a lot.

Are you cliquey: Not really

Main purpose for attending: Fun, hanging with friends, fursuiting

Parties: We'll see. None in my room, it's a decompress room.

Daily activities: Dealer's Den on first day for sure (and probably will appear there periodically). Couple panels I want to do (always do Buck Hopper's voice acting panel)

Nightly Activities: Hanging with friends, likely drinking and getting myself into trouble ;)

What time I usually go to bed and get up: I normally work nights, but my plan is to be waking up around 9-10am most days, depending on when I get to sleep.

Do you talk out of suit: I will be more shy out of suit until I get to know someone.

Do you talk in suit: I...don't actually know yet. I might talk a little, especially to other people in suit, but I don't know how vocal I'll be. I'll figure that out at the con.

Rules of engagement out of suit: Say hi first, and go from there.

Rules of engagements in suit: Suit is brand new, so please don't jump on me when I have it on for a surprise hug or anything. Until it gets broken in and loosens up a bit, I don't want to risk damaging it while I get used to it.

Can I talk to you: Yeah, just be prepared for me to be a bit shy at first if I don't know you.

Can I tag along with you: If we get along, sure. See above regarding shyness.

Can I give you hugs or snuggles? As mentioned above, just be gentle if I'm in suit. It's brand new, and I'm not quite used to wearing it yet, so I have to be careful with it right now.

Can I dance with you: I will for sure be at the dance when three DJs are playing (Mickey Paws and Lakota on Friday night, and Mykonos on Saturday night). I don't know how to dance, and can't do it at all out of suit...but in suit, my inhibitions are lower.

Can I take pictures with you: YES! And if you take pictures of me in suit, I WANT THEM. Ask for my Twitter, and you can link them to me there :3

Can I buy you a drink: Yes, or you can give me the money instead. Either/or.

Can I buy you things: Free swag fits my budget perfectly!

Best communication medium to reach you: Twitter or Skype, or text if you know me well enough to have my phone number.

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