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ZoeWolf95 / 27 / Female / Aberdeen, Scotland

I may be shy but I can be a bubbly little red wolf too ¬w¬
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Uploading Some Art~

:/ I'm going to try use this site more and upload some of my artwork but I won't be as active as my DeviantArt/FurAffinity account (XxAnthro16xX on DA, MoxyWolf95 on FA). As what I said in my previous journal, I was pretty much away because things seemed quiet here .-. I think I'm too used to peopl…

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Sorry for the inactivity on this account ._. I noticed I haven't been on Weasyl for a few months because it felt boring here (no comments, favs or anything so it was like a "ghost site"). I'm thinking of trying to be active here again and hopefully speak to others despite my shyness u//w//u My art…

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Sorry for the inactivity ^^;

I've mostly been on FurAffinity and DeviantArt (mainly DA) I think I ended up getting bored of this site because there doesn't seem to be much going on ._. Like I'd get 0 favs, comments.etc. So it feels like a "ghost site" to me, it's quiet I'll try continue with this site though, it's still early…

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Ask Keely

Ask her any questions and she'll answer them in replies .w. This is what she looks like: She is my mouse fursona, since I relate to a mouse since I'm shy and nervous.etc. .u.

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Merry Christmas~

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .u. Best wishes for 2014~

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Secret Santa Wishlist

<:3 I know this is late but I never thought I'd join Weasyl quick. If anyone wants to be my santa, then here's my wishlist You can spread the word if you wish <:3 Thank you if you do.

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Art Trade Slots? .u.

I know this is sudden but I was thinking of opening a few slots for art trades .u. What I draw: Anthros Animals (any kind whether canines, felines, rodents, mythical, birds, own species or whatever) Clean naked furries Gay couples What I don't draw: Explicit stuff Some fetishes but discuss with me,…

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New to Weasyl

Hi .w. For those who don't know me, my name is Zoe and I joined this site today to view my artwork and maybe meet some new people .u. The art site I was on before was DeviantArt as XxAnthro16xX, I'm still on that site and I always use it xD I have a ton of art there along with my OCs :3 I hope I'll…