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Brody aka Pulsifer / Male / San Francisco, CA

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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FurCon 2018 Conbadge Pre-orders NOW OPEN! *Sale!*

Hey ya'll! I'm taking commissions for badges to be picked up at Further Confusion 2018! Not only that, but they're on sale! Regular price, 20$, instead you'll pay 15$! I'll only be offering sketches and take-home commissions at my table, so you won't be be able to order one at con. Samples: https:/…

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Where to find me

I'm bascially most active on tumblr ( petmachine ) and DA ( brody-bot ) I still check in and will update here and there, but for more interaction, try there.

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Anybody wanna do an art trade? Round 2

I wanna do some more art trades now that I'm out of school for the summer. This time it will be artists choice, where whoever I'm trading with can choose to draw any one of my characters, and I'll draw whichever character of yours you'd like me to. https://www.weasyl.com/characters/brodybot Anyone…

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Looking for RP~

I want to RP with my robot character, B-7' looking for someone to RP with. I do a combination of short, 1-2 sentences posts to paragraphs. Looking to mostly RP over Skype or AIM. All ages or Adult. Send me a message or comment if you're interested~

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Just got back from the hospital

I'm fine and stuff, ah don't really want to talk about it. Sorry to the people I owe art trades to, I wasn't able to work on anything this last week, but I should have them done and posted in the next couple of days.

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Aybody want to do an art trade???

Yeah? Trade some art maybe? Could be fun. Heheheh My character, "B71683425-1" aka "B-Bot": https://www.weasyl.com/submission/500969/wheeeeeeeee https://www.weasyl.com/submission/474453/b-bot-turn-around

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That Get to Know Me" meme that is going around

What's your real name? It's just Brody How tall are you? 5'5" What's your natural hair color? brown ( I almost always dye it black though) What's your eye color? light Brown What's your orientation? Pansexual Are you single, taken or undecided? Single What do you do in your spare time? Guild Wars,…