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For those who play Super Mario Maker

Just Keep Swimming! - Course ID: 4D4E-0000-001D-8491 The Mysterious Underground Maze - Course ID: 680F-0000-0018-91E7 Hiro’s 1-Up World! - Course ID: CA04-0000-0012-CDA1 SMB 2-4 with a twist- Course ID: BA73-0000-0031-373C SMB 1-3: NSMB edition- Course ID: F605-0000-0031-D4FC Please give these leve…

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Thank you for the faves

To RatchetxAngela and EmeraldCrow, thank you both for the faves....I tried to comment on their pages to thank them yet I keep getting a 'whoops! you do not have permission to perform this action' I don't know why though......it's really weird!