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i have no idea if anyone here is still alive, but I've returned after the hellish dA update to clean my stuff up here and start posting again. how's everyone doing?

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Good News Everyone

Hello all, This will be my first real solid post about my story I suppose, and I'm making this to announce a major change I have decided to make. Rather than writing novels and self-publishing them, I'm instead going to make them into visual novels. There's a handful of reasons behind this; Not muc…

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premium currency

you know those free-to-play games that have premium currency you can get to skip time or get cool upgrades, and you can pay for it for real money and/or sometimes within the game? and they're usually something rare, like, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, stardust, gold, that kind of stuff why's it alway…

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we had bacon tonight. my brain did the rest

let's say for dinner you have a large plate of stacked bacon. there are twenty pieces total; ten on top, ten on bottom. let's also say that for this exercise you and your family will only eat at one time the ten strips of bacon on top, and all the bacon on the bottom will be refrigerated later, reh…

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eat feelings. die