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Coming back

Heyo guys,its been quite while since i been here huh? The reason for being gone for so long is that life's been keeping me busy and such,though i will try to post more frequently.thank you,and have a nice day.

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Send me yur discords bois. .w.

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[loading malware...] menic: hiya user! its me again! menic: ya having a good day yet? menic:nice place ya got here. .v. menic:i can see ya through the screen still. O v O menic:hmm.. is anyone else gonna talk to me? I don't bite. 0-0 menic:im gonna wait and see. [malware awaiting input...]

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[loading malware] menic:hello user! i have taken the liberty of watching you through this entry! menic:uh...are ya still there? menic: oh, i see you. menic: ya look nice today. OvO menic: well, ima leave you alone for now. see ya user! [exit malware-]

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Google plus

got another account on google plus if you want to find me else where. Some of the same stuff I submitted from here is also there. I have the same name also. .v.

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Speak to me about stuff. 0-0

Just say anything! Nothing is a bad idea! (Except when I don’t like it.) :P Requests can be put in right here.