Got a marketplace table at FC2016 by GuineaPigDan

I'm back from Disneyland! I had a great time, and if you check my Twitter you'll see tons of photos of my trip, both at the park and the return trip. But anyway, while I was there I got an unusual early Christmas gift.

Yep, I made it into the marketplace for Further Confusion at the last minute. That was a big surprise! So for 2016, you can expect to see me in the marketplace for Further Confusion and the dealer room for BLFC! That's like a double whammy.

Anyway, for those of you attending FC and/or BLFC, what would you like to see from me this year? I was thinking of adding pins, but I'm not sure I'll have those ready in time for FC. I'll definitely be open for badges though so if anyone is interested in digital/traditional badge commissions, just let me know! I have a commission poster with prices that I used at PAW2015 but I'm thinking of redoing this and making it look nicer.

Got a marketplace table at FC2016


28 December 2015 at 16:21:35 MST

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