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FurFright 2013 News! by FurFright


October 25-27, 2013

Cromwell, CT USA


2012 Attendance: 1500

Charity Total to benefit military working dogs and human soldiers: $15,830.15

Friends Remembered Toy Drive to benefit the Connecticut Children's Hospital: Over 50 new toys collected and delivered to sick children this holiday season.

Website & Pre-reg is LIVE and UNDEAD:

-- The new website is up and running, and Pre-Reg is now OPEN! So reg now for cheap!

Register here:

Dealer Registration March 31st:

-- Dealer Registration will be open from Midnight March 31st to Midnight April 1st. No need to rush and panic this year. Register at your leisure anytime during those 24 hours, then the dealers will be selected via lottery (because of different time zones, work schedules, internet connections, etc this is an easier, fairer system for all dealers). All applicants will be contacted with their status.

To register for our Dealers' Dungeon visit from Midnight March 31st to Midnight April 1st.

Hotel Room Reservations Open April 15th:

-- The hotel room block will be open April 15th at Noon (12pm EST). NO FURFRIGHT ROOMS HAVE BEEN SOLD YET (hotel management has a freeze on reservations until the designated date)! Rumors are stupid and false (they always are)! The link to book your hotel room at the Crowne Plaza will be posted via FurFright newsletter, twitter, and other media accounts on April 15th @ Noon EST, and rooms will be sold first come first serve.

Rooms at the overflow hotels can be booked now (

FurFright Hockey Jerseys ON SALE NOW:

You have one last chance to get your Official Personalized FurFright Hockey Jersey! We're taking pre-orders at the FurFright Constore! We'll be taking orders until the July 15th Deadline! Jerseys are PRE-ORDER ONLY, and will be shipped to your door. They will NOT be available at the con! So order now!

2013 Guests Of Honor:

Karine Church (a.k.a. Wallaby) is a published illustrator from Québec, Canada whose adorable, entertaining artwork has graced the pages of children's' books and many corners of the anthropomorphic community.

Her work has been shown and appreciated all over the world, and we are extremely honored to have her as a Guest Of Honor at FurFright.

Tygurstar (a.k.a Sarah K) is one of the most versatile artists in our community, and her outstanding works have been published in anthropomorphic magazines, card games, and seen throughout the fandom. Her extremely expressive works range from cute, joyous, and romantic to gritty and realistic. She's been a sought-after artist on websites and in the FurFright Dealers' Dungeon for years, and we're very proud to finally showcase her talents as one of our 2013 Guests Of Honor.

Improvements & Feedback:

After a con people often post accounts in their personal blogs, and occasionally someone will say they didn't have a good experience. Because blogs are sometimes overdramatized and contain misinformation, and because they're scattered all over the internet and don't reach the convention staff, they're not an effective tool for addressing real problems. We want to make your con better, and in order for us to do that you need to contact us directly! Unfortunately no one has contacted the convention since last year's con so we can gather information and make improvements. We reply to and save all con-related emails, and have for the past 10 years, so all correspondence is documented in order for us to gather facts, compile feedback, and fix things. So please, if you were at the convention and have ideas on how we can improve, CONTACT THE CONVENTION DIRECTLY through the website (be sure to include your legal name, mailing address, and an accurate, detailed account of any issues or improvements). Issues/improvements are handled by a board of directors, not just one or two people, so it's vital you contact the convention directly so we can gather information and act. Just go to the "Contact Us" link and drop us an email. It's so easy!

Over the past 10 years FurFright has prided itself on putting our attendees first. Whether it's attendees or staff, we deal with people as individuals and work to improve your convention experience and make sure everyone attending is treated with the utmost kindness and respect. But talk is cheap. The proof is always in giving you the best con we can year after year.


October 25-27, 2013

Cromwell, CT USA

Guests Of Honor: Tygurstar & Wallaby

Charity: The United States War Dogs Association


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