Medics Wanted by NordicFuzzCon

The Security department is looking for Medics!

The Security department is responsible for the well-being of attendees. We mostly work behind the scenes to ensure that all attendees have the time of their lives. We're a bunch of friendly folks who like to work together in a nice, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere.

In 2016, the security team is going to offer the medic service to our attendees. Thus we are looking for someone who might suit that role.

Here is a description of what kind of skills we are after:

  1. Minimum requirements:

• Medic skills: first aid training or (para)medic training
• Fluency in English to communicate with the team and attendees
• Ability and willingness to help out about 16 to 18 hours during the convention
• Willingness to remain available for emergencies
• No time-consuming tasks in other teams during the convention
• Punctuality, reliability, ability to work independently within given rules
• Generally calm, friendly and polite attitude

  1. Positive extras:

• Fluency in Swedish and/or other languages spoken by our attendees and NFC staff
• Nurse or medical diploma
• Relevant experience from either security or volunteer work in other events

Does this sound interesting or do you know people who might be interested? Then we would like to hear from you! We can be contacted here → security[at]

Medics Wanted


13 December 2015 at 07:27:58 MST

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