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Commission Openings and General Info by Dandylions

Dear Weasyls! We generally keep all of our communications through our email: We do not respond to the note system here regularly.

Commissions will be opening!

It's the end of the year and it's time for us to prepare for opening in January. What should you know at this point? We will be opening quarterly this year instead of the full year. This is to help us schedule for any sort of life delays or repair work so it does not snowball on us like it did this year!

We will be opening January 1 to fill January - March. We will be scheduling lighter loads this year to make room for experimenting, personal works, and repair work as needed.

As we are a newer business, we are still learning and expanding in all areas. We will be overhauling our scheduling to avoid delays. We will also be working hard trying new things, bettering our methods and most importantly, have fun.

What does this mean to a potential client? A higher standard of communication and time dedicated to projects.

We are also considering not accepting hard deadlines, but still allow soft deadlines. What is a soft deadline to us? If you want your project completed by an event in December, we expect your project start date to be no later than October. A three month buffer will be our minimum time frame to deadline this year. If you request any later than that, we cannot promise a deadline. This is to allow us time for delays in shipments, delays in payments, delays in arrival of DTDs.

Patreon Ideas, we need feedback:

Finally, for the hobby builders out there and aspiring fursuit makers, we are considering launching a Patreon in January that bases heavily on education, tutorials, and classes. Interested in the fundamentals of beginner fursuit making? Want to progress throughout the year through different difficulties and methods of certain pieces? How about a simple weekend project for fun? How about after the basics of education we build a fursuit together from the ground up!

Different tiers for the crafters area would invite you to observe and participate in streaming classes, you supply your own materials. Higher tiers would invite special one on one help via Skype.

For those who are not crafters, we will have a digital art tier to receive art from our very own fuzzies in Dandylions!

Support your makers via Patreon. It allows us not only to explore and refine our methods, but also allows us extra time to reach out to the community at large and help out our other makers!

We consider our furry community our family, as they've been very patient with us, we would like to give back in the ways we can!

Commission Openings and General Info


7 December 2015 at 12:40:36 MST

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