Commission Rules by SlippingStar


Visual Art

for an additional character, add 50% of the original price. So 150% for the second character, for the third, 200%, for four characters 250%, etc.

Digital Art

Non-animated pixel icon - $1 per icon Example

Pre-based animated pixel icon - $0.50 per frame, per icon. Example

Animated pixel icon - $1 per fame, per icon. Example

Sketch - $5 Example

Ink lineart/simple tattoos - $7 Example / Example

Color without ink/complicated tattoos - $10 Example / Example

Color with ink - $15 Example

Realism - $20 Example

Full ink w/ or w/o "shading" ink - $20 Example

Simple Background (add-on price) - $3 Example

Detailed background (add-on price) - $10 Example

Sculpy pieces - These can range too much. Ask.

Written Art

$.50 per paragraph, 40 lines of 1-line dialogue is a paragraph as well.


You're free to repost to your gallery as long as you say, "Image (c) (hyperlink/code to my dA/account on that site) in the artist's comments.

If you want to use the art for commercial reasons, please include this when you first start the commission process.

If you want to use the art for your icon anywhere, please include "Icon art (c) (hyperlink my name back to my dA account ( ) or code for my account on that sight )"

Hyperlink by <a href=""&gt;Slipping-Star&lt;/a> or []Slipping-Star\[/url] , depending on the format of the site.

I accept cash and checks, but you will be charged for any bounced checks. I will take paypal as well. You can also buy me art from someone else, if the piece is the price of your commission.

If your money is lost in the mail, it is not my problem. I still won't do your art until I receive half payment, and will not post it till I receive full.

I require 50% payment before-hand for anything over $1.

I reserve the right to alter prices BEFORE accepting the commission on a case-by-case basis.

I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason at all, with or without stating why.

Revisions are done on a case-by-case basis. But most everything is free, unless you gave a vague description in the first place. In that case, you'll have to pay half the price again (meaning you'll pay $30 for a fully inked piece instead of $20)

If you want me to do the anatomy incorrectly (like bat wings not like a bat's), it'll cost $1 extra for each step you want done! >:C (So if it's a sketch, it'll be $6 instead of $5, if it's an ink it'll be $8 instead of $7, etc)

The more details you give me, the more your piece will turn out like you pictured.

Ask for whatever you want; I might just do it!

I do not do porn, I do erotica. This means that I do things like this, which show bonding of some sort, but not this, which focuses on the sexual aspect and its main goal is to provide the viewer with masturbatory materials. Wither what you want done is porn or erotica depends on how you describe it and how I perceive it. I do not discriminate against orientation, fetish, or subject matter.

Also, I will NOT be posting any of this work to my gallery; I see it as too personal a thing for such an act, and that I am simply the mediator between the party(ies) involved. Only the participant(s) will receive the original material. You must go to previous clients to see examples of this work. You are also free to post this work to your own gallery, but you must state that you did not make it. Do no publicly say that I did. If someone asks you who did, ask them to ask you privately, and you may tell them. I do this because I do not want that to be the only thing I am known for.

Commission Rules


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