Cyber Week Art Sale by angelicgemini

Hi, everyone.

I'm offering a bunch commissions for sale for black Friday and Cyber Monday and decided to carry it out for the full week with next Friday being a day to get free art through a drawing open only to the people who commissioned me during the week.

Buy here, details below:

I’ll work on contacting everyone throughout the week after I’ve been paid to see what you want me to make for you if you haven’t left me a note.

Paypal in US funds please. Make sure that you pay for services and note that the art does not need to be shipped. Digital art will be e-mailed.

Black Friday: $8 portraits flat color 10 available

Saturday: off day

Fun Sunday November 29: $15 full body pieces flat color, 10 available

Cyber Monday November 30 Half off Chibi art piece =$10 off $20, 10 available

Tuesday December 1 2 characters w background $40 =$15 off regular price, 3 available

Wednesday December 2 Requests by donation, 2 different storenvy listings 5 available on each.

Theme Thursday December 3 You or your OC drawn waist up as Jem & the Holograms, Pastel Goth, or Fairy Kei themed $25 =$10 off regular waist up prices 7 available

Freebie Friday December 4:. All commissioners from Cyber week will be entered for a free full color piece of their OC 1 available

My working days are Sunday -Thursday and these will be finished in the order they were received. If you need your commission soon, please tell me when you pay so that I can bump you up on the queue.

Cyber Week Art Sale


27 November 2015 at 13:32:18 MST

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