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About Thing-a-Day by Acru

As panda hasn't actually failed yet after 20 days, I feel I should say something about it...

The art panda does tends to be left unfinished, or otherwise considered not good enough to show anyone, but things got to the point where nothing was being posted for months at a time, or much longer.

To counter that, panda wanted to try posting art each day for a month, new or old, finely polished or otherwise, just to get used to posting things on a regular basis.

Panda is trying to make something new most days, falling back to posting an older piece if things don't work out, and improving the piece as much as possible as time allows before posting it by midnight.

Panda decided the art for this should be G-rated so it can be posted everywhere, and also should include at least one character, so the landscapes don't count~

From doing this, panda hopes to be less shy about posting new things in the future, but also to get better at finishing art in a timely manner, even if there is more detailing that could be done to marginally improve the piece.

It seems even rough pieces have charm though, as people seem to like the things panda doesn't consider finished, too~

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    In my experience artists of all kinds tend to feel worse about flaws than their audience. They also tend to consider certain things flaws when the audience doesn't really care or notice. It can interfere with being productive. I suspect it has to do with the sort of closed community of art schools and art circles where artists critique each others' work rather than being critiqued by the general public. There can also be a resistance to allowing other people's thoughts and feelings influence their art, so they can feel it is all their own. In any case, an artist may feel they perfect each piece, while they have little time for anything else, have little money, and alienate fans. That artist will probably not feel their life is perfect. So there is the question of whether you can really exclude all the practical things in everyday life from your concept of perfection.

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      *headtilts a little* I do think its better than not seeing your flaws at all, however~ Part of improving as an artist is using critiques to bring your attention to those flaws. As a working artist though, which I am not, I do see the need to move on regardless~

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    Artists, much like writers, tend to be their own harshest critics. The panda's art is quite good in my view. The panda has done quite well. ^.^

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      Thanks~ *huffs* Though nine days to go to finish this project, and I'm feeling the burn~

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        offers hugs and support, as well as cookies The end of the month is in sight. You'll make it. ^.^

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          *noms after finishing today's art~*