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Some things in my Mind by CrimsonMercury7192

Today, there has been a lot of things I wanna get out of my head.
I made a tweet asking do I have the potential for going big when I sell products.
That tweet made it a completely different context making it that I want popularity.
Honestly, I hate going on the Popufur route. Even one said to me that is the selfish way to go when you join this fandom.
With that saying, I never went that route. But with the amount of watches I have, I might be considered Popufur. However, I will NEVER change the way I am like most of the Popufurs I know of.

Anyway, these product or a product in particular is a graphic novel series that I'm coming up with which is a 3-4 year old project that me and some friends are all part of.
My goal is to finish the first novel and sell it by my 5th Anniversary of Furaffinity. (June 7th, 2016.)

Some wishes of luck would be much appreciated.
Thanks for reading and please comment.

Some things in my Mind


19 November 2015 at 12:47:43 MST

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