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Increasing sketch prices from 11.20.15 and now offering adult art by HamsterToybox

I’m really sorry but I need to increase the cost of my sketch commissions. They’re taking a lot longer than I had originally estimated, as I am more perfectionist with commissioned work than with my own stuff! I’ve been working really hard at my anatomy to try to speed me up, which has worked to some extent, but there is a minimum length of time that I can’t get below without sacrificing quality.

So with effect from the 00:01 (GMT) on 20th November, my sketch prices will be as follows:

1 head shot: $12

3 head shots $24 (It’s 3 for the price of 2 as I can scan them in 1 batch, meaning they’re quicker to process and upload).

Half body: $25

Full body: $32

All my other prices remain the same until further notice.

If you’re looking to get a sketch off me at my lower rate, these will still be available until the 20th November. There are plenty of examples of previous sketch commissions in my fallery.

In other news, I am now offering adult art commissions. I have made a separate FurAffinity gallery to upload them to: For now, this is the only place I’m uploading my adult work, but this may change in future.

Increasing sketch prices from 11.20.15 and now offering adult art


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