Furry Network by WindWolf

I am now on the newest furry-centered website furrynetwork.com! If you haven't heard about yet it is an art sharing site for furries similar to furaffinity and weasyl, only on furrynetwork you can filter taglines so if you don't ever want to see anything even remotely NSFW you have the ability not to (which I am very grateful for), and you can import your entire FA gallery so that you don't have to re-upload your art one by one. It is still in beta testing but you can message the site managers through twitter or on the site to get a code that will allow you to sign up.

I am currently importing my FA gallery over to furrynetwork and afterwords I will regularly upload there depending on if it takes off or not. I will still be using all of my other art accounts so you don't have to worry, I'm not going anywhere.

So feel free to give me a follow over on furrynetwork! I'm WindWolf over there.

Furry Network


27 October 2015 at 09:59:35 MDT

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    Can you link the twitter handle?

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      I don't use twitter.

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        Agh, they say they're not open to more beta keys at the moment on their blog.

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    Looks nice! But I'm kinda missing some information on who is behind the creation of that site, and why. :)

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      I'm not entirely sure myself, I know that you can find more info on Furry Network's twitter though.