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October! Starrytellers! by mamath

Oops, a few weeks overdue on this monthly journal thing...

I've been super busy!

The busiest thing has been the Starrytellers Kickstarter. I'm Kickstarting an anthology of comics about stars! 10 Australian artists, 10 stories about stars + 1 more artist for the cover art. :) All the work in this book is great quality and I'm very excited for it all to come together. Hopefully picking up the print proof tomorrow - we just need the funds to pay for the print run. Please consider backing if you're into comics, and especially Australian comics!

It's been a big project with a bit of a learning curve for me, since I'd never designed a book before, or used Kickstarter, or organised so many people with a pretty tight deadline. But it's come together well in the end. :)

Boxfox news! We're getting ready for the holiday season - restocking everything that was running low and getting some new colours happening! Already have Orange, Grey, Yellow, Pink, and Purple. In two weeks I should have Red, Blue and Green too! Pretty much the whole rainbow. :D

I've got an appointment with a tax accountant tomorrow so kinda stressing about that tbh. ;_; Ugh. I don't mind paying the tax at all, it's just working out how much I have to pay that sucks. :/

PAX Aus is this weekend! I'm not able to look forward to it just because I'm so busy right up until the flight out on Thursday morning. @_@ But I'll pack my bags tonight so that'll be one less thing and I'll get to be excited on Thursday (orrr....just tired maybe).

I'm really looking forward to November! The Kickstarter will reach its conclusion and however that falls, at least it'll be off my plate. Hopefully we get our funding and will be shipping books! I have a lot of plush stuff to work on. And comics!! I'm so keen to work on my own art for a while omg... I've got three conventions in November though so it'll still be busy. ^^

Anyway - onwards!
And hey
Back Starrytellers and spread the word! :D We're almost half way!

October! Starrytellers!


27 October 2015 at 04:00:24 MDT

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