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Quick check-in! by Monstrohundo

Whew! Finally getting more stuff submitted here. And I do feel more inclined to make this my primary account to post fursuit/cosplay stuff and art dabblings; I might just keep my FA just to keep in contact with folks who've remained there. I don't feel too inspired to post anything more than what little I've posted to FA.

Been doing a lot, including staying busy at work & engaging in fursuiting events, but it'll take more time than I want to spend writing about it right now. I've been fairly active on Twitter, though, if you want to stay informed there!

Mainly though, right now, working toward landing better work soon, and also getting ready for Halloween.

Also took a bit of time to play UnderTale -- and if you have yet to play it, please do! It's a great game, and there's a good reason that a fandom has been springing up around it. [ ]

Hope to have some results on job search & fursuiting by the next time I post!

Quick check-in!


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