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Arizona fur con was great! We got there for opening ceremonies and got checked into our room, no problem. The hotel was much better this year. Everything was on the same floor (although the walk way was open to the outside) We were able to get from our hotel room to the convention without leaving the hotel or taking stairs, which ended up helping a lot because of the rain we got on Friday. It wasn't supposed to rain a till Saturday afternoon, but the rain came early, which made things a little muggy.

The headless lounge was right in the center of con with plenty of water and large fans. (Last year we never found the headless lounge) It was kind of nice that the zoo was right next to the dealer's den (It night have helped with traffic, but I don't know for sure) There were a lot of cool tables at the dealers den. We got some great shirts, bags and art swag before hitting the raves at night.

We had a great time and I can't believe that they got asked back by the hotel already and a different hotel put in a bid to host AFC for next year! They already have their theme announced and at closing ceremonies told us that they'll announce the dates for the next convention in ~30 days XD Can't wait for AFC 2016

AFC 2015


20 October 2015 at 21:54:43 MDT

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