mini updates :> by SwirlySpotBean

Here's some little updates:

  • I'm just about finished with my last head-shot then I'll draw for myself until I feel up for commissions. Yes, I finally got my bank/PayPal fixed to were I can use it now.

  • Settled down in my new area in Rhode Island. It's so nice here guys/gals like omg why haven't I thought of living here before. So peaceful; The views are nice, the shores, and the people, my god.

  • I'm currently looking for a job; I'm hoping to get that job that's in walking distance of my house. <3

  • My sister takes me out to places that I've never been, treats me to nice meals and get some of that family bonding I've never got the chance to do when we weren't around each other.

  • Since I'm so close to my boyfriend curlykaiserbunny , mrpup, and his sister kareenthemonster; I've been thinking about one day hanging, doing something awesome like when we were together out in Canada when I visited at times. Just talks, not anything soon, that's in future plans.

  • Living in/near a town is different that what I've experienced so this is some adjustments happening. I always hear ambulance and fire trucks here, ahhhh.

  • I love the park here, there is a shore beside it. I usually go there and sit on the docks to draw, to relax. :)

  • I'm emotionally/mentally feeling better. I really don't feel anything negative. A nice change and a new start in my life. I can finally heal from everything that has happened in my life. <3

  • My sister took me to get me a new sketchbook, drawing on paper is something I', not used in a while since I'm costumed to digital tablets/art.

That is all really, other than spending time with loved ones and enjoying life!

mini updates :>


19 October 2015 at 21:03:19 MDT

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    Damn not a single bad thing about me. I'm going to end up like Mr. Poopybutthole. XD
    JK glad I stalk these things.