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Sketch/Art Book Project by Slapdash

Sketch/Art Book Project
Hey Weasyls! My art partner and I are thinking about creating an art book that includes concept art, sketches and finished work with black and white and full color pages. This book would include a mix of both my art and my partners and the subject matter would be general, including “anime style” characters, anthros, demons and creatures, dragons and more. In the future we would like to create a concept art book for the graphic novel that we are working on as well, so this project would be a sort of test run.

But we are questioning weather or not the time and money it will require will be worth it. Neither of us have very large followings, (I have about 180 watchers on Deviantart) and less on other art websites. We are college students and only work freelance.

So I guess we a re asking you how popular do you have to be in order to pull off this sort of thing and more importantly, what would you like to see/have in an art book? Descriptions, themes, minimal words ect…

Sketch/Art Book Project


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