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Content removed - Leaving by ApplePup

I've been butting heads with this site for a while and logging in today and seeing pieces of mine tagged as 18+ sexual by staff and my tags being removed and changed by multiple people, staff included, has been the final straw. If the pieces were genuinely 18+ related id be completely cool with it but they were cute pics with nothing mature what so ever. And the fact that they tagged it as sexual was disgusting on their part. There was nothing even hinting at a sexual nature on the pieces and the fact that they implied the images were sexual was disgusting.

My content is now FA exclusive. Please follow me there if you wish to see any pieces from me in the future.

All submissions from my gallery are now gone and i will not be returning until the tagging system and review guidelines are changed. Not holding my breath for either.

Thanks for reading.

Content removed - Leaving


9 October 2015 at 23:33:55 MDT

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    Yikes! I can't think of any of your pieces that were adult in nature. :S

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    Whether or not it's sexual depends on who you ask, but I'm sorry that happened to you.
    Just remember that this is not FA. Other people besides furries use this site. Mature or not doesn't always mean "Does it have a penis?"
    Did you ask the staff why they changed it?

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      The staff member that changed the rating and added tags to all my pieces was actually the one who brought this to my attention because he noted me after doing so. "As stated in the Ratings Guidelines: "Any depictions of bodily waste must be rated as Explicit." Please consult the Ratings Guidelines if you would like further detail on proper categorization." I completely disagree with his justification of his actions since there wasn't bodily waste but im not invested in this site enough to be bothered to fight with his decision.

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    Numerous people have had this complaint. The mods deny it, but I really don't think they appreciate babyfurs or diaper artwork.

    I don't really use this site much. Guess I haven't missed anything.