Stuff I Like In Terms of Apparel (female things) by r-a-blackpaws

I know I did a journal like this way back where I talked about my shopping likes.

Today, I want to talk about the stuff I actually shop FOR and how I feel about each. We coo about that? waits for a bit...then nods Good.

Jeans---Love them, particularly the Gloria Vanderbilt line of jeans from Kohl's. They fit me very well, show off my backside quite well and actually make me feel sexy (a truly rare thing, thus it is treasured).

Tunic-style tops---I do like these too, mostly because they offer good coverage without being baggy. Think like a cozy, more elegant sweatshirt.

Leggings---LOVE THEM! Talk about cozy! And snug! And so many colors! happysquees

Tops in general---I do like to wear soft-feeling tops. I also prefer patterns. Animal-print...flowery nice and soothing.

Bras---Honestly, I need to start wearing them more. I have a few, but I tend not to use them due to...well, laziness actually. Also they tend to kinda show under my work shirts. I have tried some front-closing bras, but the front closure doesn't want to rest against my chest properly.

Panties----I have too many pairs. Need to do a culling -.-

Tights/hose---See "Panties" -.-

Dresses---I do own quite a few. One of my favorites is one I have had for...hmm...thinks....maybe 15 years now? I bought it back in 2002, I think. The company that made it has disappeared. Here's a link to the dress:

Skirts---I do enjoy shopping for these. I tend to like either pleated ones or pencil skirts, but I do own a maxi skirt. Haven't worn it yet, but I do own one.

Shoes/boots---I currently own about 20 pairs of shoes. Mainly though, I have maybe three pairs I wear regularly. I want to try the legging-tall boot trend I keep seeing around campus...but I have thick calves, so boots don't always fit. -.-

Accessories---I do own some jewelry. A few necklaces, a couple of rings and several pairs of clip-on earrings. Can always use more, but I just haven't found any that said, "I would look great on you".
notices you eyeing her funny
No, they don't ACTUALLY talk. It's more of a feel/vibration thing.

Perfume---I have a little bit of perfume. Some Katy Perry "Purr" and some Victoria's Secret "Victoria". Haven't used them yet.

Now, the part that is a little rough to talk about:

See, while I like shopping for clothes, there are some that I sadly don't wear. And there's a simple reason: confidence.

Case in point: skirts. I just don't feel comfortable or confident in them. Honestly...I feel VERY vulnerable in them.

I'm much more comfortable in a dress than I am in a skirt...which, on the surface seems a bit odd, since a dress is more blatantly feminine...but it;'s true. I feel less vulnerable in a dress than I do a skirt.

Not sure why that really is. Any thoughts?

Stuff I Like In Terms of Apparel (female things)


9 October 2015 at 13:39:04 MDT

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    if I could find some heavy ankle length skirts, I'd totally wear them. As it is, I have big feet and hate my knees.

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      There really aren't a whole lot of those right now, save for maxi skirts. If you can find one, a good broomstick skirt would be a fine addition, as that goes down to just above the ankles. Problem is the broomstick style tends to be very light fabric.
      Most skirts I have seen in brick-and-mortar stores tend to fall just below the knees at the longest (again, maxi skirts being the exception).

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        Oh, I know. I've been looking for a good 8 years.

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          chuckles Yeah. They are hard to find. ^.^

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    Hehehe I'm so boring with just jeans, shorts, and whatever shirt I can find...usually WOOT or sports-y ones lately XD

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      See, that is kinda my default "blended" outfit: jeans and a t-shirt. It's simple, easy, and doesn't require a whole lot of thought.
      Going full femme? I have taken six HOURS (yes, H-O-U-R-S) to get ready. That involves many outfit changes to get the right one, as well as all the primping and prepping (and panicking).

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        Ooooh that's a lot ^.^ XD I'm usually dressed and ready to go in like 6 minutes xD lol

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          For male mode or "blended", I take about ten minutes. And most of that is just checking to see how rumpled the t-shirt is.
          Female mode does take a lot longer...mainly due to fretting over being "read" or extreme nervousness or wanting everything to just be PERFECT! That's why it takes a lot longer: cooling out enough to focus and not panic.