ABC Meme by Daystars

Stolen from :linkkeedot:
A- Age:
15 (16 in June)

B- Biggest fear:
Falling from and incredibly high heights and getting impaled/or splattering....

C- Cold weather or Warm weather?:
60-70F? Murky weather?

D- Drink you last had:
Prairie Farm's 'Spooktacular' Eggnog

E- Extraterrestrials (Aliens), are they real?:
Yes, otherwise that an incredible amount of wasted space.

F- First thing you do when you woke up:
Convince myself I cannot stay in bed all day.

G- Ghosts, are they real?:

H- How tall are you?:
5'4".... tallest of my family.

I- In love with someone:

J- Jealous of someone (Just answer Yes or No):

K- Killed Someone?:
In my heart...

L- Last time you cried?:
Ummmmmmmmm..... I don't remember...

M- Music genre you hate the most:
Screamo.... I just don't get it..

N- Newest acquisition:
A pair of hedgehogs.... They're like holding a cactus...

O- One Wish:
I could replace sleep with Weasyl and drawing.

P- Pie, wich flavor you like the most?:
Cherry... so original...

Q- Question you usually ask:
What was I doing again....

R- Reason to smile:
I realize I can slay dragons, even if they aren't always physical.

S- Song you like the most:
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift? I don't know.... I like everything :P

T- Time you woke up:
6:30.... I wish around eight... sigh

U- Underwear Color:
Anything from white and gray to tie-dye.....

V- VideoGame you like the most:
Elderscrolls Oblivion & Skyrim

W- Worst Habit:
Tendency to explain EVERYTHING

X- X-Rays you've had:

Y- Your favorite food:
Get me my lasagna John

Z- Zodiac Sign:

ABC Meme


22 September 2015 at 06:43:33 MDT

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