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Training by StangWolf

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wanted to give folks a heads up, commissioners especially, that I'll be traveling to Dallas this afternoon with my co-worker. We'll be working from our Plano office Monday through Wednesday this week. I'm going to be training so I can be back-up for the lady who does some of our reporting.

Good news is I'll be able to stay at my dad and step-mom's house in Frisco, and the hotel my co-worker is staying at is just down the street from the office where we'll be working. So it shouldn't be too bad for either of us!

Not to mention I'll get mileage and paid for drive time to and from Dallas on top of my normal work hours. So I'm hoping that'll make this next check kinda nice, we'll see. Every little bit helps a ton!

This all means I likely will not be able to do much work on art until Thursday or Friday this week. Good news is I'm going to cross my fingers that after this I won't have to travel anywhere until late November for Thanksgiving maybe. We'll unless my friend in Ohio moves between now and Thanksgiving and he and I get a chance to meet up, but besides that I'm hoping I can stay home for a bit.

I'll be aiming to be full throttle on these remaining commissions definitely by next Saturday or sure. Once those are out of the way I may take a weekend to myself to play WoW or do whatever, and after that I'll be sorting inboxes and then buckling down on my personal art.

Hope everyone's weekend went well and your week goes well too! I'll catch y'all on the flip side!

Until next time,



20 September 2015 at 12:08:22 MDT

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