To my friends by King Gigabyte

Tbh I don't know how to start. It's hard to find the proper words for this post.

I just want to say I love you all. Thank you for putting up with my clingyness and when i'm in a bad mood or I have an anxiety attack. I appreciate you all even my acquaintances. Even if we don't talk much.

You guys tell me interesting stories and listen to me as well. Even if I keep repeating stuff which I don't mean to so I apologize for that. You guys are there to comfort me when I need it and i'm always happy to return the favor. I feel awful if I doze off though.

You guys don't mind listening to me nerd out about my interests either. I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you guys and how important you, my friends, are in my life. With out you guys I don't know where i'd be today.

I'm given excellent advice as well when I need it and even art critique. I want to personally thank every one but I don't know if it's possible to go to each individual person so i'm making this journal for all of my friends to see.

Thank you for being my friend. You bring the best out in me.

To my friends

King Gigabyte

20 September 2015 at 01:35:11 MDT

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    Having good friends is nice, no?