Commission Me, Maybe? by m00nstonee

Hello, my dear followers.
Since you're following me, I would guess it means you enjoy my work. That alone, does mean a lot to me. <3
So, thank you all for that. Granted, it's not many. But you're all more than a number. You're a certain amount of people that enjoy my work.

Getting to the point of the journal, if you like my art.. why not commission me? I could really use money, since I'm kind of hard up for it now. My Dad just paid my cell phone's bill today, since I couldn't. The bill is $35. I cannot afford it.
I've thought about applying for jobs, but my anxiety and awkwardness is basically preventing from me from doing that. I guess it's just being "not a people person". So, right now.. I'm really relying on my artwork and... it's not selling.
So if you could commission me or show someone looking for someone to commission my way, that'd really mean a lot! It really, really would!

The examples of what I do are included in my gallery, though I'm not solely limited to those. If you can think of it, I'm more than willing to give your idea a chance!
So, maybe message me and we can work something out? I know my most expensive item is maybe $12?
If you can commission me, then like I said before, let someone else know!
Please, it'd really mean the world to me.

Have a great day/evening. <3

Commission Me, Maybe?


9 September 2015 at 14:53:10 MDT

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