|oAo ) Two months... by Lilyface

Baby's due near the end of October! Cam and I are super excited! We've still got a little bit of prep to do but pretty good otherwise!

Been told my health concerns were cleared, but just to be on the safe side I'm gonna be getting ultrasounds once a week to track development and just make sure everything stays okay. :D

I'll be sure to post something once the bab is here! Hope you guys are all doing well!

|oAo ) Two months...


8 September 2015 at 08:13:36 MDT

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    Glad to hear you're doing fine, keep us updated! :D

    Take it easy and stay safe~

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    Awesome! Glad you're all good for health, and always nice to hear news. I'm sure everything will go great!

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      Yeah! 8D That's what we're hoping for too ahaha

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    Good to hear ^^

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      Super relieved to find out nothing's wrong ahaha PHEW

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    Two more months? I figured that baby would have moved out and gotten a job by now...

    I'm glad your health concerns were cleared and I'm happy you're doing all right with the pregnancy. You and Cam will be the best nerd parents.

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      Lil' bugger better start payin rent or I'm evicting them >:|