Buying Car and Back to School- Sorry for Delays! by thefurcollective

Hey everyone, it's that time of year again where the bf and I have to move back down towards the University and start the next semester. A little added stress this year comes from my car having pooted out recently, so for most of the summer we've been borrowing around family and friends to get to where we've needed to while also searching for a car to buy.

So for these reasons if we've seemed a little slow or out of the social scene for a bit, that would be why.
As always, once classes have begun and I've had a little time to settle, I will be very quick to respond to all questions and all else, however, I do have to dramatically lower the workload in order to focus primarily on my classes.

For those of you expecting something from me, I will be keeping on track as usual since I planned for all of this :P but in case my responses are shorter or seem a little uncharacteristic, it's because I'm juggling a lot on my plate.

I plan on opening an etsy store during the time that I can't take commissions, so people can get their hands on parts. I've had interest in selling mask blanks- very soon I think I will be ordering some foam casting materials and also put that up as well- it will be a brand new item! We're very excited about that.

I will also probably be putting up some parts such as cast pawpads and claws. This will be a slow process of getting everything together, however. But do keep a lookout for more info :)

Also, thanks so much to everyone who has been patiently waiting for our quote form and prices to come back. I've almost finished working that out, but it does take the backseat to many other important things such as current commissions and finding a car.

Hey! If anyone is in the Tucson Arizona area and is looking to get rid of a car, (I do have specific details on the condition of the car and storage size I want..) maybe we can work something out for a trade! I'm thinking a full suit with all the goodies and extras for a used vehicle with some storage space and low miles. (about the 2-4K dollar range) If that interests anyone, please let me know! My search has not been going so well Dx


Buying Car and Back to School- Sorry for Delays!


20 August 2015 at 15:22:45 MDT

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