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So, um... by fuwacat

...I made a Patreon account...and before you close out the journal or get exasperated because you're going to have to pay for content you've been getting for free, please know that's not the case :33 I understand that bills are a thing and I'm not going to put up a "Pay Wall" for people to have to spend money to see my work. I will still be posting my stuff on my usual sites (deviantArt/furaffinity/furrific/sofurry/weasyl).

That being said, I do have my own expenses and this could (potentially) be a really great way to supplement my commission income and free up time for me to do more detailed general work (not to mention work on that comic I've been dying to do). In other words, supporting me on Patreon will not give you any kind of "exclusive art/content", however it will help me have enough time to produce better quality art for everyone :33

If you'd like to support me on Patreon, I can be found here: and I greatly appreciate it!!

If you'd rather not, I understand and am still very appreciative of the support of our community!!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day :33

So, um...


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