Trying to stay up on here + Upcoming Cons by hareteeth

idk why; i also neglect my main art site sooo this is really nothing new. But I'm resolving to stay more updated on this site!!

Aside from that, I'll be attending SPX in September! I'll probably have some stuff to trade as an attendee, tho I won't be exhibiting. If you're going, feel free to hit me up about zine trading or hanging out or anything (I will drag you to all my art school pals' tables likely)

Further down the pipe, I'll be at Furpocalypse in October! I'll be vying for an artist alley spot! I'm also totally looking for a room to crash in/share...if I'm putting down money, I prefer chill, relaxed roomies who want a quiet space away from the hustle&bustle; but if I'm just crashing anyone I feel has a good vibe is okay!

That's basically it for now, uploading some stuff later this evening!

Trying to stay up on here + Upcoming Cons


17 August 2015 at 08:57:34 MDT

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    Glad to hear from you, and looking forward to the uploads! Hopefully they'll help me remember what it was I wanted to commission from you... <.<