The Car's Finally Dead and Other News and Thoughts by VinVulpis

Well, I was gonna make this journal about other things today, but the car finally being on it's last couple of days really se the mood for this morning after gettin out of work.

So, remember that flood I talked about last year? And how I was all happy we drove away un-damaged and had the car running fine after trying to get home from out previous job? Turns out there as some long term damage. The gas tank is a rotten metal sponge now. We noticed a gas leak a couple of days ago, and finally got it in the mechanic today. 1000+ dollars to fix. Also, the brake systems rotting/rusting too....


It's done. It's apparently been 'death trap, one bad spark could apparently light us up,' but it might have to make one last trip tonight for my ass to get to work. Maybe.

Monday we might have a back-up car. Out landlord and buddy Gadas has one last car he is gonna try throwing at us. The last one we tried using, the transmission shat out one night when Ryn was driving to work, going up hill. Lets hope this last car doesn't do that because it'll at least be an affordable replacement until later on. Gotta take care of registration and shit... again. So, we might be find.

As for the job, I do like it. It's a bit different from what I'm used to, but it's not bad. Though I gotta be honest, the lament did hit me a couple of times that it wasn't doing commissions, and that I have to work so much now. I really wish I could get just 4 nights to have a full-art day at least, but I can't. It's making me consider a few things. I'm of course in no rush to leave it, hell no. I at least wanna hold it for a while to build up my savings again, quickly but I'm not sure about the long term. I really want to move back to focusing on my art more, as overnight stocking work is not what I want to do with myself for the rest of my life, at least not full-time. Sadly, they don't over part-time for this position. I might consider just switching to day-light later on with them for a part-time gig so I can do more art, or just look else where for something part-time.

It's really hard to judge right now. Mainly because I have a friend from out of state staying with me for a week, so my time is vanishing quickly and I'm still trying to focus my sleep into the same pattern everyday. Internal clock's all screwed up. I've been very drowsy or just have a difficult time waking up. After he leaves and more time is free, I might feel better about all this. I haven't fully gotten into the groove here either, so it'll help to see how I feel after A month or two. Again, I love the job so far, but I'm worried about it stifling my creativity and motivation with my art.

The other big issue is my right foot, which has a fallen arch I feel is going to get worse over time with work like this. I leave work every night in pain and have a hard time walking until I've been off of it for at least an hour. My currant boots aren't helping, but I might have to arrange to see a doctor for it. It's just 8 hours of pounding hard floors and lots of lifting, my feet, specifically my right is killing me about 6 hours into each night. x__x It made my last job like this a chore.

We'll see! It's just a concern, but not a definite problem. I can probably make this work fine once I have time to myself again. Just am probably gonna need a week before I make more art/commission/game updates. I'm so overwhelmed right now with so much happening at once. @__@

Stupid car, just can't seem to get a break. Why couldn't it break later!? Whatever, we might be okay soon. Otherwise it means 4 mile bike rides for a while. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

I have made some progress on various commission things and some game stuff I've changed and worked on a lot of thoughts for, but I'll post about that stuff later or something.

Whatever, I'm going to sleep. Have some cute dogs and music.

The Car's Finally Dead and Other News and Thoughts


15 August 2015 at 09:05:28 MDT

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    I'd let you borrow my Fursuit Cooling pack for the bike ride to work in this heat if I were nearby. =p Try improvising some ice bag container to wrap yourself up in on the ride to work.

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      I'm probably just gonna end up switching to daylights or gettin a job a lil closer to home for morning work. I figured out that a morning job, making my evenings and nights free would probably end up being the best thing for me to continue my art, commissions and project work.