This That and the Other by WindWolf

Basically just a life update for y'all.

So, last month was (and always is) very busy for me what with two birthdays, two holidays (because I'm a Utahn), and family vacations I wasn't able to get a whole lot done. I am painfully aware that I still have two commissions to complete (and I will not be opening more commissions until they are finished) and I intend to have them finished this week.

Last week was spent hiding from the world and drugged up on benadryl while I was healing from an allergic reaction to some sunscreen I had used the saturday before the last, so I really didn't get practically anything done at all. Well, now you know why. :p

At the moment I am very very busy. I am helping friends work on their fursuits, planning on making a new fursuit head for myself, and trying to start planning for being a dealer at Furry Unlocked this October (going to start working on merchandise soon). I will need to open commissions again very soon as there are going to be some future expenses coming up and if I don't do something about it then I'm really going to be crap outta luck (get a real job, Wind!); but I am going to say that work on any commission is going to be slow. I will have them completed before too long, but please be aware if you commission me that there will be a little wait before your commission will be completed.

This That and the Other


10 August 2015 at 11:45:52 MDT

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    Sucks about your allergies besides that it's good to keep yourself busy, otherwise you'd go mad xD