Fancy Meeting You Here! (introduction) by Cap'n Caroleena

Well, hello there! My name is VioletLavender (on DeviantArt), but you can call me Violet.

I like to draw art of many things. Mostly fanart.

Also writing.

I've been a total Silverwing nut since grade six. (Well, "nut" may be a strong word...) I like the books and I like the show. I've almost burned out with it, but I still have, like, two ideas left. (Heh.)
My OTP, and why:

A couple I thought I strongly disliked, I now love. and go to great lengths to defend them with my own headcanons. All because of one awful throwaway joke, I have to work this hard for them. It's still totally worth it! Because the fact they are still together after all they went through, the way my darling had to have been patient, and listened to his wife, even though his heart was breaking, and the way he forgave her, makes him one of the strongest cartoon husbands to date. (And shows a much different side to him than the assuming caricature we see in crowd scenes.)

And she must have truly loved him if she's still together with him, and looks quite proud of him at couple's night. :) She's a strong character too, if she went to great lengths to protect him from his workplace environment. And seeing how difficult it would be to be in her position, bandaging his wounds, worrying for him until he came home, being laughed at by her friends for being married to him... Her heart would be broken too. Yet she must have assured him that she still loved him. Worked hard for him, been there for him, chose him every day... so that he would believe her when she told him her side of the story.

Sideshow Mel x Barbara. My new passion. All of it (most of it) happened behind the scenes, so I'm tasked with supplying all the information about them... But I love it. I love them. They are simply perfect.
Yes, I'm also weird. And I doubt myself often.

Have a nice day, everyone! <3 ^_^

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Fancy Meeting You Here! (introduction)

Cap'n Caroleena

5 August 2015 at 16:57:20 MDT

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