Summer updates! by bugbyte

I realized it's been a long time since I've posted any kind of journal! I should probably do that! 

In newsy news, some art I made is going to be included in Gamera vs Zine-Ra, a book featuring comics and art from tons of super awesome artists! (How did I get in???) If you love comics and giant monsters and that kind of thing, back it on Kickstarter to get a copy! The Kickstarter is running through August 26th, so get your pledge in if you want a copy at a discounted rate.

I also contributed a comic to Blank Party's Earthbound anthology! I believe more information on that one will be up towards the end of August? I'm not 100% sure, but soonish!

I am working on a handful of small various comics in addition to the usual Follower/Messenger/Ask a Chio stuff, and hope to have at least one of them done early this fall to take to conventions. Right now I'm not sure what our schedule is going to be, but we're trying to sort out getting to Buffalo Comicon in October at the very least, and hopefully a few others. I've been applying all my work time to trying to get Follower issue 3 prepped for print, but I took a day off and now I'm behind! It's crazy how that works. 

Other than that, I hope everyone's having a lovely summer! Stay cool!

Summer updates!


29 July 2015 at 17:26:37 MDT

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