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Looking Forward to August and BEYOND by mamath

I never update this thing but I think I should, a bit. ^^ So here I am!

Boxfox has been going pretty well! Going to try to make blue and green ones before Christmas but it's tough getting things done between wrangling a manufacturer and financing other projects!

I'm also working on a couple (or...thruple? Three??) more plush projects - apart from Boxfox, Squarebear, or Paralleloram. Totally different from those! I'm excited for those too. :) The new embroidery machine I'm buying will be a huge help! I went to see the embroidery unit itself today to, you know, make sure it's all in order. It's a big 'un! 15 needles! And it stitches like a dream. It'll be such a relief to be able to sew and embroider at the same time, and not have to baby sit my tiny home unit constantly. I'm so accustomed to having threads break ever 1-5 minutes...

In other news, I'm helping to organise (and fund) an anthology about stars called Starrytellers! All lady Australian artists, all extremely talented! And with a really diverse range of visual styles and storytelling talent! Part of our goal with it is to not only produce a lovely anthology but also pay the artists fairly with an upfront page rate and a bonus if we can get extra money through crowdfunding. :D I'm very excited for it (and hope we'll set an example for other projects in Australia...?) but of course it's a big investment too! But I think it'll turn out great and be totally worth it. We made a Tumblr for the project so if you're on Tumblr you can follow along there.

Also I just sent off a lot of art to be printed as stickers and charms. A big investment actually... I hope it all a) arrives in time for my next convention (SMASH! in less than 2 weeks!) and b) sells well so I can make that money back quickly (or all). I got stuff printed by three different sticker printers and 2 different charm printers and I fully intend to write up a big comparison post about it all. The experience, final quality and a price analysis. And then I've got a few other printers to try so it'll be something I keep adding to I guess! If nothing else, I'll be able to create a useful resource for others.

Finally, I'm putting together a book that compiles all my 24 Hour comics (2012 - 2015)! I'm hoping to finish up with that next month but maybe that's optimistic... We'll see! A lot of the work on that is already done but sometimes polishing the final product takes a long long time and I want it to be gooooood.

So yes, I'm really busy! Time and resources are tight with so much going on but I think the pay off will be well worth it. August will be a crazy month! I have family suddenly visiting from overseas as well as three conventions and taxes to file and trying to stay on top of all this. :U I'd really like to find a studio job soon, too. It feels good to write it all down though. A little less overwhelming. :)

Thanks for listening if you got this far and I hope you're looking forward to things too. :)

Looking Forward to August and BEYOND


28 July 2015 at 07:53:20 MDT

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