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Big rumble in Asia by Arcturax

So it finally happened! Tyrnn and I had a macro dream on the same night! Some differences though! In his, me and Azzy and two others were walking over a clouded over landscape, unaware of what we were stepping on below. I really like that one too :D

Mine was a bit different, it had more of a plot to it and in it, I was small and Azzy was big! In mine, Azzy and I decided to take on, of all things North Korea. Was reading an article about them last night, so I guess it slipped into my dream. I went in as a "tourist" by my real mission was to play spotter for Azzy. I would point out military or industrial or regime targets and she would smash them. Since she was big enough to be above the clouds, she couldn't see too well below. I had a UV laser pointer which she could see through the clouds and whatever I lit up, she smashed!

Anyway, in the dream at first I was just part of this "tour group". I felt almost bad for some of the soldiers we met because one of them seemed nice and brought us some water during a hot outdoors tour. But then I kept thinking of the horrible concentration camps they run and telling myself even though this guy probably was conscripted, we had to do something to end the camps.

At one point we had a surprise where Kim Jong Un himself showed up, he seemed nicer than I expected but I soon saw he had a real temper too. Finally I "shifted" into my furry form, which caused a lot of panic and said, "Well guys its been fun but its showtime!"

Azzy then made herself known by smashing down her paws onto a nearby airstrip. Pandemoneum ensued! Kim Jong Un slipped away in the chaos. but I knew it wouldn't matter. Everywhere my little laser "dot" went, Azzy would pounce it like a kitten. Soon even I was having trouble seeing due to the dust and smoke. At one point I came down a street and this tank rolled up and pointed its main gun at me. I laughed and said, "That all you got? I got this" and pointed my laser dot on them. The gunner just threw his head back to laugh which turned to a cry as he saw the bottom of azzy's hindpaw pads emerge from the clouds above to rub him and his tank out like a gnat.

At some point China got involved trying to fight back agaisnt the "giant monster" and we realized we would have to deal with Beijing too. So we took our battle across china next. At one point Azzy called down, "Watch out Arc! Here comes the "80 megaton tail!". I'd already had several close calls where her paws or tail or body almost crushed me along with the target. In this case I just started running, I ran and ran for what seemed like half an hour before I heard this thoom behind me and this titanic mushroom cloud came up. That was some tailthoom! Sadly my alarm bolted me up shortly after this :( Ah well, was cool to wake up to read on twitter that Tyrnn had macro dreams too ^^

Big rumble in Asia


28 July 2015 at 06:08:22 MDT

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    You have some rather interesting dreams there.