A neat commission idea I heard. by Rippah Roo'Jizah

There is apparently someone on this site that gives the choice of doing commissions for games.

I find this to be a good idea!*

I'd like to try that next time I do commissions. There are a lot PSX**/PS2 games I would love to own or play.

Megaman X4/X8/Legends 1/2. Resident Evil CVX/Dead Aim/4. Silent Bomber. Trap Gunner. Soul Blade/Calibur 2/3. A Net Yarotze***. Swap Magic *cough*. Um Jammer Lammy. MK:Shaolin Monks. Alter Echo. Any Armored Core game (Maybe not Nine Breaker). Cold Fear****. Einhander. Thunder Force 4/5. Xenosaga series. .hack series... (goes on for an hour...)

* Not as good an idea as Sega Channel, but still good.

** Yes I use PSX over PSOne most times. Wanna fight?*****

***Okay, I am certain no one on FA has a Net Yarotze. Man can dream, can't he?

*Cough* What? I wanna burn a few games. I'd need a computer but still...

**** Not to be confused with Deep Fear, a game I also want to play but is not included in the above list for being a Sega Saturn game. I have a seperate list for Sega Saturn games I want to play.

*****Yes I have been in arguements about using PSX. Once on the FA Forums. I grew up using it. I know there is also an überPS2 called PSX. Because Sony are assholes. That's why they are losing money now.

A neat commission idea I heard.

Rippah Roo'Jizah

19 February 2013 at 13:52:13 MST

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