Design your own Jewelry! by bpanthress

I have now sent off this design, in the form of a pendant, to shapeways, to have it printed out in GOLD-PLATED STEEL. Not plastic. Real metal! If I wanted to pay the $63, I could have printed it in gold-plated bronze, an even finer version that is truly jewelry-grade. I won't mention how much it would cost in solid gold or silver. LOL!

This one, at a little larger than a quarter, only cost me $18, and will have a slightly pitted surface due to it's steel powder method of creation. I chose the cheaper version because I don't really need this, I just want to hold in my hand proof that this is real!

The price of such an object directly correlates to the volume of material used. If I'd wanted this to be the size of a quarter, it would have cost little over $15. The size of a penny would have been $12. The same goes for most of the other materials, as well.

Anyway, the point of this journal is this. If you would like to see a representation of your own animal or even your design on a pendant or ring or anything else you can imagine, a one of a kind item that you will never see another like it, I can do this thing! If you want I could even have it made in real solid gold, silver, bronze, brass...

You should take a look at and see their huge variety of materials! From full-color 'sandstone' to frosted glass and solid platinum, your idea can come to life!

Now, there ARE limits to what can be done. Many of these materials have a 'sand castle' rule, where if it can't stand on it's own if it were made with wet sand, it couldn't be made there, but I can help you with those limitations, and the shapeways staff, themselves will be glad to assist any way they can.

So if you want a pendant of your own, designed to your liking, even with your name on it, I can do it! It can have a solid back with raised figures or merely lined like this one, your choice, though the solid back will be probably about twice the price. I can also do figurines, etc, but you'll have to be patient, because I haven't done that, just yet. Soon! Very, very soon!

Of course, I also make badges, prints, and can put your art on a mug, blanket, sticker, or about anything you can imagine for the right price. I know some will wanna bop me for this, but it won't be long before you'll need to start thinking about Christmas! when you do, think about me!

Design your own Jewelry!


25 July 2015 at 16:15:05 MDT

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