New banner and other assorted things by Taw

Updated my profile banner finally after months of using the same one. I think this one looks a lot nicer. I'll probably play around with some styles for wallpapers using similar themes when I can for it.

Weasyl seems to be taking off quite nicely, really glad to see it's being used and gaining popularity. The team's been working hard and it's nice to see what all our combined effort has accomplished. c:

I'm not sure what else to write, feel like I might take a nap. Being awake when the sun is out isn't natural for bats.

I'll probably take some of my art from my FA gallery, like more suit pics and stuff, and transfer them over to Weasyl as well, though some of the pictures on my Furaffinity gallery will probably not be transferred over, most likely will only keep my best works.

New banner and other assorted things


19 February 2013 at 13:02:51 MST

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