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Using folders. by DoNotDelete

I've created folders to keep my 'Character Design and Development' work and 'Finished Artwork' pieces separate and distinct from one another.

I guess really I've done this to give myself a way to upload my huge backlog of character design pieces to my gallery but not overclutter/overshadow my other (more finished) artworks.

I don't know if other character designers have difficulties/concerns about uploading character design drawings, which - at least in my consideration - do not fall into the same category as the work of other, more finish-focused, artists, but it is something I have struggled with, which is unfortunate because character design work has become a big part - if not the majority - of the artwork I produce these days.

So expect to see me make use of my 'Character Design and Development' folder a lot more in the next months and years - it'll probably become my most used/occupied folder in the long run.

Thanks for your interest. Comments always welcome.

DND out.

Using folders.


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    character design is an interesting thing! i'd do more of those stuff if i don't have a hard time actually coming up with characters ahahah

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    Weasyl has a separate section for Characters that you could also use. It's not perfect but it's good, in my opinion. It could be useful for your finished references:

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      Yeah, I'm aware of that function but I've never used it - I may look into it sometime. Presently I'm okay with just using that folder for keeping things organised.

      Thanks for the heads up.