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I haven't finished much art lately and I'm also pretty much having to relearn a bunch of crap since I'm so rusty, so please excuse how sloppy they are! Thaaaaanks haha

I know this journal is next to pointless, but HEY! I'm finally uploading art again so that's cool right? ;Dc
I've been struggling with anxiety so I've been hiding a lot of my work (finished or not) and not posting it any where. That whole, fear of judgement crap is getting old though and I just want to show y'all what I've been up to. Most of what I'm posting is from the past two or three weeks. I was trying to draw once a night, but usually when I get home I'm either to tired or moody to feel like working on art.

We've hit a rough patch for the past few weeks so I may or may not open up for doodle commissions if anyone is interested! Please let me know if that sounds good, something like 10 bucks a character?

ANYWHO! I hope everyone's doing alright and staying out of trouble, much love to you fine folks!

doodle dump & life stuff!


19 July 2015 at 18:05:31 MDT

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    Hey! Good luck with everything! I know it's been forever but I found and posted the sketch I was working on for that trade to fb if you're interested in seeing that!

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      Hey! Sorry, I don't use Facebook anymore really lol. I only pop on there to talk to family, their whole, track where you go to cater ads to you is to Orwellian for me haha

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        Oh ok. Do you use Twitter or IG?

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          I use Twitter, @GINGERxBUTTS is my sn

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    I certainly won't complain. Your doodles are a treat!

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      Thank you kindly friend :D

      Long time no talk, sorry for being antisocial lately :c
      How ya doin?

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        It's equally my fault. I've been a recluse myself. But I'm alright considering.

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          Haha it's easier to be a hermit, but jfc it's lonely lol. Glad to hear you're doing alright, we need to catch up sometime. I miss you D:

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            We really should. I just thought that not long ago but felt guilty for not having said anything lately

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              Yo, never worry about talkin to me haha. I'm usually game to talk anytime if I'm not sleeping or busy with something. I've got the same number, hit me up any time bud :)