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FURCAR: Quaker State 400 Results and Standings by furcar

"Live from the Kentucky Speedway, this is FRN...the voice of FURCAR."

After the dramatic and heart-stopping finish to the race at Daytona, the FURCAR Furry Cup Series rolled into the Bluegrass State to tackle one of the newer tracks on the circuit, the 1.5-mile Kentucky Speedway, which is parked directly in between Louisville and Cincinnati. The rough track surface and lower banking in comparison to some of its sister tracks is a recipe for great racing, and has made the relatively young track a popular stop for fans and drivers alike. Aside from Dart Wuffy's spectacular crash at the checkered flag of the Coke Zero 400, the big news in the Furry Cup Series was the debut of a new rules package aimed at cutting downforce from the cars and putting more control in the paws of the drivers themselves.

After the first practice session, the drivers were happy with what FURCAR had given them for the most part as they reported they were slipping and sliding all over the place, and nearly spinning out in some. One car - the #6 of Ty Vulpintaur - did in fact make contact with the wall, forcing them to pull out the backup and his time was not counted. And according to the speed charts, it looked like Dart had gotten his bearings back as he led the session, followed by Shockey Rai, Iceroad Lion, Coco Bennington and Jackie Caldoon. And like last weekend at Daytona, the rains would come and wash away qualifying, meaning the grid would be set based on practice speeds...which meant that Dart would be on the pole for the race. It seemed like a nice consolation after what happened last week, but he told our pit reporters that the #88 was really fast right off the truck, and that he liked his chances in the race.

When the green flag came out to start the race, it would be Iceroad Lion getting the jump and leading the first lap after passing Dart out of Turn 4. He would lead up to the competition caution at lap 35, but there would be an incident ten laps before that involving outside polesitter Rai and Jackie Caldoon in Turn 3 where the two came together. Rai would hit the wall and sustain significant damage, while Caldoon would be able to correct it and keep going. After the round of pit stops, it would be the 88 out front, followed by Iceroad, Wildfox, Bennington and Kasey the Husky.

It would be during this green flag run that Dart Wuffy would establish himself as having the dominant car, pulling out to a lead more than a full straightaway on the pack and only interrupted by a debris caution at lap 82. The 88 team would get him out ahead, and he would continue leading until lap 100 when Croco Chilton spun out all by himself exiting the 4th corner. "Just wiped out all by myself," he told the crew before coming down pit road to take on tires and fuel. It would be teammate Coco Bennington coming out ahead of Dart and Iceroad, and the #62 would stay out front for about 20 laps or so. But it wouldn't be long after that the 88 would be back on her tail, and eventually passing her to reclaim the top spot. A caution would come out for E.J. Stripes getting into the wall at lap 138, and Dart would come out ahead of everyone to hold onto the lead.

After the restart, things would get heated as an incident involving Ty Vulpintaur would bring out the caution once again at lap 144. The #6 Ty's Construction Chevy would push up, and the foxtaur would wiggle before eventually losing control. The cars of Jackie Caldoon, Croco Chilton and Draco Potens would also be involved in the accident, with Caldoon clobbering the wall and having to go back to the garage, her race over before the checkered flag. When the green flag came back out, it would be Dart stretching out another good-sized lead...about five seconds before another round of green flag stops would come. However, the #17 car of William Megarda would come back down pit road after a couple more laps, and his crew would take a look at the right front after he complained of a bad vibration. It turned out to be a broken suspension and his car would have to be pushed back behind the wall.

At lap 208, things would get chippy between E.J. Stripes and Croco Chilton. E.J. had been complaining about the brakes on his #7 Team Carolina Chevrolet the entire race, saying he had no pressure and that his paw was going "straight through the floor" whenever he had to slow down. He was able to avoid trouble most of the night...but here he ended up getting into the back of the #15 car going into Turn 3, sending him around and bringing out the yellow flag. An irate Croco ended up going off over the radio in a tirade to his crew laced with generous amounts of profanity; we'd play you the sequence but not with what the crocodile said. Even after Croco's spotter told him Stripes had no brakes, that only sparked him to say that the 7 "shouldn't have been on the (damn) track to begin with." Fortunately, there was still 55 laps to go so that everyone could calm back down again.

But up front, there was no catching Dart Wuffy, save for a brief spell after a debris caution where Coco Bennington came out ahead of the 88 on the final round of pit stops. He would pass Bennington for the lead at lap 238 and never look back, capping off what many thought was the most dominant performance by a Furry Cup driver in 2015. After the checkered flag fell, Coco told our pit reporter that "that 88 was the class of the field tonight. I was just glad to come home in 2nd with them guys breathing down my neck." Those guys would be Iceroad Lion, Wildfox and Mitch Brown, who extended his Season 2 points lead to 64 points over race winner Dart, whose Wolf's Den Racing team has come alive after scaling back to just the one team after secondary driver Redstar Husky's season-ending crash at Charlotte. The logjam starts in 3rd, where Kasey the Husky, Wildfox, Ty Vulpintaur and Eddie T. Wolf are all separated by just 10 points. In regards to the overall championship, there would be a new points leader as Wildfox takes back the top spot from Eddie by just 4 points, with Iceroad holding on to 3rd. They had better not blink, for Dart Wuffy's 3rd victory of the season has put him just 107 points back in 5th, and he can easily leapfrog Vulpintaur to set sail on the three drivers that have held the top spots all year long. Next weekend, the FURCAR Furry Cup Series heads up to New England and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway to have it out on the flat 1-mile track. Who will have the right tricks up their sleeve to win at the Magic Mile? Can Dart Wuffy continue his hot streak and get back to the top? We shall see...

Pole Award Winner

88 - Dart Wuffy (No time, qualifying cancelled due to rain)

Race Results

  1. 88 - Dart Wuffy (1) - 222
  2. 62 - Coco Bennington (4) - 196
  3. 40 - Iceroad Lion (3) - 191
  4. 34 - Wildfox (12) - 190
  5. 41 - Mitch Brown (9) - 188
  6. 53 - Eddie T. Wolf (11) - 174
  7. 35 - Kasey the Husky (10) - 173
  8. 7 - E.J. Stripes (7) - 167
  9. 24 - Draco Potens (6) - 166
  10. 6 - Ty Vulpintaur (14) - 158
  11. 15 - Croco Chilton (8) - 147
  12. 17 - William Megarda (13) - 145 (Out - Suspension)
  13. 02 - Jackie Caldoon (5) - 140 (Out - Accident)
  14. 54 - Shockey Rai (2) - 128 (Out - Accident)

Perfect Picks: Logano, Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Hamlin, Stenhouse Jr., Bayne - 236 points

Season Standings (after 6 of 12 races)

  1. Mitch Brown (1,076 points, 1 win)
  2. Dart Wuffy (-64, 2)
  3. Kasey the Husky (-88, 0)
  4. Wildfox (-91, 0)
  5. Ty Vulpintaur (-96, 0)
  6. Eddie T. Wolf (-98, 1) 7, Coco Bennington (-118, 0)
  7. Shockey Rai (-123, 1)
  8. Iceroad Lion (-134, 0)
  9. Croco Chilton (-164, 1)
  10. E.J. Stripes (-189, 0)
  11. Draco Potens (-196, 0)
  12. Jackie Caldoon (-217, 0)
  13. William Megarda (-354, 0)

Overall Standings (after 18 of 36 races)

  1. Wildfox (3,085 points, 2 wins)
  2. Eddie T. Wolf (-4, 3)
  3. Iceroad Lion (-29, 1)
  4. Ty Vulpintaur (-101, 2)
  5. Dart Wuffy (-107, 3)
  6. Coco Bennington (-140, 1)
  7. Croco Chilton (-175, 2)
  8. Mitch Brown (-231, 1)
  9. Shockey Rai (-259, 2)
  10. Jackie Caldoon (-269, 0)
  11. Draco Potens (-302, 0)
  12. Redstar Husky (-1357, 0)
  13. Kasey the Husky (-1933, 0)
  14. E.J. Stripes (-2001, 1)
  15. William Megarda (2363, 0)

FURCAR: Quaker State 400 Results and Standings


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